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G. S. Gunanidhi, R. Krishnaveni


Internet of Things (IoT) is the ruling term now-a-days, in which it attracts several smart gadgets and application due to its robust nature and support. In healthcare industry several new technologies are required to improve the stability and provide transparent services to clients. The integration of healthcare maintenance system with respect to Internet of Things support leads to a drastic change in healthcare field as well as this provision provides huge advantages to users. This paper is intended to provide an intense healthcare maintenance scheme by using latest technologies such as Deep Learning, Internet of Things, Fog Computing and Artificial Intelligence. All these innovations are associated together to build a new deep learning strategy called Intense Health Analyzing Scheme (IHAS), in which this proposed approach provides all provisions to clients such as Doctors and Patients with respect to monitor the patient details from anywhere at anytime without any range boundaries. The Fog Computing is an innovative domain, in which it provides ability to the server to operate based on hurdle free processing logic. Artificial Intelligence logic is used to manipulate the health data based on previously trained health records, so that the predictions are more fine compare to the classical healthcare schemes. In traditional schemes it is difficult to raise an alert based on the emergency situation predictions, but in the proposed deep learning strategy assists the proposed approach to send an alert instantly if any emergency cases occurred on patient end. Generally the Fog Servers are used to reduce the occupancy of the storage server and provide reliable storage abilities to server, but in this proposed approach, the fog server is utilized for priority wise data handling nature and stores the health records accordingly. In this nature, the fog servers are handled and provide high efficient results to the clients in an innovative way. With the help of deep learning procedures, the health records are clearly prioritized and maintained into the server end for monitoring. For all this paper introduced a new logic of healthcare maintenance scheme IHAS to provide efficient support to patients as well as doctors in clear manner.

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