Blueprint for Cyber Security Zone Modeling

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Andrew Gontarczyk, Phil McMillan, Chris Pavlovski


The increasing need to implement on-line services for all industries has placed greater focus upon the security controls deployed to protect the corporate network. The demand for cyber security is further required when IT solutions are built to operate in the cloud. As more business activities are migrated to the on-line channel the security protection systems must cater for a variety of applications. This includes access for enterprise users who are mobile, working from home, or situated at business partner locations. One set of key security measures deployed to protect the enterprise perimeter include firewalls, network routers, and access gateways. In addition, a set of controls are also in place for cloud enabled IT solutions. Collectively these components make up a set of protection systems referred to as the security zones. In this paper, a security zone model that has been deployed in practice for the industry is presented. The zone model serves as a design blueprint to validate existing architectures or to assist in the design of new cyber security zone deployments.

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