Stability of Individuals in a Fingerprint System across Force Levels - An Introduction to the Stability Score Index

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Kevin O'Connor, Stephen Elliott, Mathias Sutton, Michael Dyrenfurth


This research studied the question: "Are all individual's performance stable in a fingerprint recognition system?" The fingerprints of 154 individuals, provided at different force levels, were examined using the biometric menagerie tool, first coined by Doddington et al. in 1998. The Biometric Menagerie illustrates how each person in a given dataset performs in a biometric system, by using their genuine and impostor scores, and providing them a classification based upon those scores. This research examined the biometric menagerie classifications across different force levels in a fingerprint recognition study to uncover if individuals performed the same over five force levels. The study concluded that they did not, and a new metric has been created to quantify this phenomenon. As a result of this discovery, the new metric, Stability Score Index is described to showcase the movement of individuals in the menagerie.

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