The Design and Development of a Prototype Community Banking Game

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Matthew Long, Bradley Steel, Mary Martin, Phineas Istratoaie, Alex Duncan


A prototype game simulating the Bendigo Community Bank model was designed and developed for a client at a large regional Australian bank, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. The purpose of the prototype was to demonstrate the value of using the game as a learning tool for the bank's staff, to assist them in understanding the concepts of community banking. If successful, the Bank intended to prepare the game for product development and distribution. Because the timeframe for the project was only three months, the decisions to adopt the Agile Project Management and Agile Programming methodologies, to design and develop the prototype game were critical. Also key to the project's success was the correct mix and selection of the team for the project that required programming, graphics and town planning expertise. The goal of a functioning prototype was achieved within the relatively short timeframe. The prototype met all of the client's project requirements and in some cases exceeded expectations.

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