Interoperability and the Stability Score Index

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Zachary Moore, Stephen Elliott, Kevin O'Connor


This paper focused on the interoperability of nine different fingerprint sensors and examined the associated stability score index. The stability score index, conceptualized in 2013, was designed to address the weaknesses of the zoo menagerie and other performance metrics by quantifying the relative stability of a user from on condition to another. In this paper, the measure of interoperability was the stability score from enrolling on one sensor and verifying on multiple sensors. The results showed that, like the performance, individual performance was not stable across these sensors. When examining stability by sensor family (capacitance, optical and thermal), we find that capacitive as the enrollment sensor was the least stable. When individuals enrolled and verified on a thermal sensor, they were the most stable of the three family types. With respect to interaction type, enrolling on touch and verifying on swipe was more stable than enrolling on swipe and verifying on swipe, which was an interesting finding. Individuals who used the thermal sensor generated the most stable stability scores.

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