Securing Cloud Computing Through IT Governance

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Salman M. Faizi, Shawon Rahman


Lack of alignment between information technology (IT) and the business is a problem facing many organizations. Most organizations, today, fundamentally depend on IT. When IT and the business are aligned in an organization, IT delivers what the business needs and the business is able to deliver what the market needs. IT has become a strategic function for most organizations, and it is imperative that IT and business are aligned. IT governance is one of the most powerful ways to achieve IT to business alignment. Furthermore, as the use of cloud computing for delivering IT functions becomes pervasive, organizations using cloud computing must effectively apply IT governance to it. While cloud computing presents tremendous opportunities, it comes with risks as well. Information security is one of the top risks in cloud computing. Thus, IT governance must be applied to cloud computing information security to help manage the risks associated with cloud computing information security. This study advances knowledge by extending IT governance to cloud computing and information security governance.

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