The Method of Allocation Centers in Second Kind Fuzzy Graphs With the Largest Vitality Degree

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Alexander Bozhenyuk, Stanislav Belyakov, Margarita Knyazeva


The problem of optimal allocation of service centers is considered in this paper. It is supposed that the information received from GIS is presented like second kind fuzzy graphs. Method of optimal location as method of finding vitality fuzzy set of second kind fuzzy graph is suggested. Basis of this method is building procedure of reachability matrix of second kind fuzzy graph in terms of reachability matrix of first kind fuzzy graph. This method allows solving not only problem of finding of optimal service centers location but also finding of optimal location k-centers with the greatest degree and selecting of service center numbers. The algorithm of the definition of vitality fuzzy set for second kind fuzzy graphs is considered. The example of finding optimum allocation centers in second kind fuzzy graph is considered too.

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