The Impact of Technology on English Literature and the Publishing Industry: An Evaluative Study

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Shipra Joshi


The advent and development of technology has resulted in significant changes in the literary production, consumption and dissemination across the world. Various evaluative studies that analyze the progress of technological innovations in the backdrop of digital era emphasize the positive outcome that technological growth has caused on English literature as well as in the general literary ecosystem. These studies disclose how the popular digital innovative have influenced and inspired authors to embrace different writing approaches as well as explore diverse narratives in their literary careers. Apart from enhancing effectiveness and productivity of authors in the production of literature, technology has also made the whole process of publishing and accessibility easier with online platforms that offer self-publishing and apps that promote readers engagement. On the other hand, the technological advancement successfully distorted the conventional publishing methods to better ways that promote the marketing of literature and encourage discussions and debates on literary works. The intersection of literature, publishing and digital innovations rises scope of studying ways of how technology have impacted the literary sphere and further help explore methods of incorporating new domains of technology in improving the same.

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