Pharmacognosy Basics for Understanding Herbal Drug Interactions Commonly Used for Sustained Home Remedies

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Archana Dhyani


With the goal of providing the most possible benefit to the patient, integrative medicine involves combining conventional and evidence-based alternative medications and treatments. Herb-drug interactions (HDIs) provide a significant barrier to the same. Since these HDIs may have either positive or negative effects—even be fatal—a comprehensive knowledge of HDI outcomes is crucial for the effective integration of conventional and alternative medical practises. In this article, we provide a concise overview of HDIs, highlighting the interplays between drug metabolising enzymes and transporters while discussing the many kinds of HDIs and the tools/methods for studying and predicting HDIs. Future perspectives are also discussed in this paper, with an emphasis on the endogenous participants in the interplays and methods for predicting drug-disease-herb interactions to achieve the desired results.


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