Role of Social Entrepreneurship in Social Upliftment: An Analytical Study

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Sargam Bahl


The social entrepreneurs in an economy generally tend to operate with a motive towards creating value for the society and additionally generate earnings (if not wealth). During the recent years, it has been witnessing a huge boom and most of the people all across are getting attracted to it. World class graduates, students from different reputed colleges like IITs, IIMs, and of several foreign universities are quitting their lucrative work by providing their helping hand in various meaningful ways towards the betterment of our society. Entrepreneurs of social enterprises do not give up or rest until they have revolutionised the social cause. Therefore, the present study truly focuses to understand their respective roles as the term itself shows up very frequently in media. This research work will let us know that how, it is an appealing construct precisely because it holds such high promise. Such entrepreneurs play an essential role for socio-economic change. All of the solutions which they offer are very much innovative, unique, people and environmental friendly towards the society, people and environment. Conclusions drawn from this research work will also let us understand that ingenious ideas of social entrepreneurs are very beneficial to both society and its members in social uplift-ment.

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