Role of Government Policies on Success of New Ventures: An Empirical Study

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Ajay Kumar Saini


New venture success in India is greatly influenced by government policy. The Indian government has put into effect a number of laws and measures to encourage entrepreneurship and foster an atmosphere that is favorable for startups. The development of new businesses in the nation has been significantly influenced by the policies the government has put in place.The Startup India project, which was introduced in 2016, is one of the important regulations that the government has put in place. Through tax breaks, financial opportunities, and streamlined compliance procedures, this effort strives to help and encourage businesses throughout the nation. To encourage entrepreneurship among women and marginalized communities, the government has also developed a number of plans and programmes, such as the Stand-Up India scheme.In addition to helping the overall expansion of new enterprises in the nation, the project has given these groups financial support to launch their businesses.The government has also loosened FDI regulations, streamlined the business registration process, and implemented bankruptcy rules to make it simpler for new businesses to operate in the nation. The development of a supportive environment for entrepreneurs in India has been greatly aided by these regulations.

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