The Effect of Consumer-Centric Brand Equity Parameters on the Brand Loyalty: A Cross-Sectional Study

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Himanshu Kargeti


Understanding brand equity is essential for marketers and brand managers because customer perception of a brand has a big impact on consumer behaviour. Consumer-centric brand equity metrics, such as brand loyalty, associations, perceived quality, and awareness, are used to evaluate a brand's value in the eyes of consumers. Brand loyalty and trust act as moderators in the interaction between consumer-centric brand equity features and brand loyalty. To learn more about this subject, information from a sample of customers from different firms can be gathered via a survey questionnaire. Then, data analysis and hypothesis testing can be done using regression and correlation modelling. The macro and micro approaches are two ways to determine a company's financial market worth based on brand equity. Integrated marketing communication can also have a substantial impact on business outcomes, giving businesses a competitive edge, enhancing brand equity, and assuring efficient and reliable communication. The final four steps in creating a strong brand are summarised by the Customer Based Brand Equity Model (CBBE). This area includes enhancing brand relevance, performance, graphics, and perceptions. By effectively completing these processes, a firm may create a powerful brand that resonates with its target audience and enhances business success.

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