Consumer Buying Behaviour And Brand Choice in Small Car Segment: A Quantitative Investigation

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Sweta Chauhan


Modern technology has made cars less of a status symbol and more of a necessity. One of the industries in our country that is growing the fastest is the auto business. It has become a staple of our daily lives, which is why automobile manufacturers are focusing more on the common male market. The option to purchase an automobile is not a personal one. The marketing environment today has changed from product-based to need-based, giving consumers a wide range of options from which to choose. This study concludes that consumer purchasing behavior plays a vital part in providing marketers with 4 wheels, and there is a wealth of opportunity for more research in this area. Each person has distinctive tastes, interests, perceptions, beliefs, and considerations. In the current state of the automobile industry, there are several options available in every segment, making it risky and challenging work to understand human behavior. Companies must comprehend the precise needs of the client to gain market share. The basic data used in this study was gathered through the distribution of a structured questionnaire. With the aid of several characteristics, an effort is made to research buyer behavior for small-segment vehicles, and data is interpreted under that understanding.

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