Key Success Factors of Saving Behaviour and Retirement Planning: A Cross-Sectional Study

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Divya Punj


The main success elements for retirement planning and saving behaviour in India are essential for guaranteeing financial security in the post-work years. It's critical to have a clear grasp of the significance of retirement savings. People can be inspired to take action by being informed about the long-term advantages of saving and the possible repercussions of poor planning. The importance of financial literacy cannot be overstated. By making readily available information and tools on several retirement savings choices, including pensions, mutual funds, and provident funds, people are better equipped to make educated decisions and select the best investment vehicles. Consistent saving practices are essential. Developing a routine of consistent saving, no matter the amount, might eventually result in sizable retirement funds. Employer-sponsored retirement plans or systematic investment programmes can encourage people to automate their savings, which can reinforce this practice. Planning for retirement can be considerably improved by enabling laws and incentives.

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