Role Of Digitalization In Improving Supply Chain Management: A Quantitative Investigation

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Ajay Sharma


Innovations pique people's interest, inspire them, and enhance their quality of life. The majority are constant adjustments used to keep ahead of the competition, but digital innovation redefines the market. The idea of digital management of supply chains will be crucial in the future. Digitalization has affected every facet of businesses, including operating styles and supply chains. Today's enterprises can change their supply chain structures from a hybrid of printed and IT-supported procedures to more adaptable, open, quick-moving, and participatory digital models thanks to Technology like RFID, GPS, and sensors. Different from hybrid supply chain approaches, which have led to rigid organizational structures, unavailability of data, and fragmented connections with partners, digital supply chains enable the automation of business operations and the digital management of firm assets. In the future supply chain networks, threat management will require an electronic supply chain risk monitoring system. Digitalizing the entire supply chain will make a considerable quantity of current information available, enabling speedier detection and response to any issues.

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