The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Corporate Image Management: A Quantitative Study

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Jitendra Singh Chauhan


Management can deal with the strategic problems that their company is facing. The authors propose a practical operational model to aid top executives in controlling the reputation and image of their company. Although numerous studies are frequently found in marketing literature, there are comparatively few theoretical and empirical studies that link marketing to social responsibility as a business (CSR). There is a clear gap between scholarship regarding the connection that is now present between corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, the public perception of goods or services generated by organizations, and their company's reputation. Even fewer empirical investigations have been carried out that link both of these significant structures to the corporate image of companies geared toward small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). The importance of corporate social responsibility in business has grown. Because various companies have different perspectives on what this term means and how to handle it, there is no precise definition. Instead of using the concept to increase profits, businesses must engage in CSR efforts to benefit the environment and society.

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