Impact of Innovation in the Food and Beverage Industry: Challenges and Opportunities

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Divya Punj


It is a well-known fact that the tourism business, which covers many sectors like housing, catering, transport, visitor attractions, entertainment, etc., may significantly contribute to the growth of the economy of any nation.  Operations for serving food and beverages are advancing in both development and quality while also improving. Because most tourists spend money on food and beverages, the travel and hospitality sector depends on providing services of high quality. People today prefer novel food and beverage service methods that are also entertaining, alluring, and presentable. The physical environment, which includes the service staff, ambiance, table settings, and lighting, is also crucial in attracting visitors. A key factor in keeping customers happy and encouraging them to return to the restaurant is service quality. Numerous trends affect the sector of food and drinks, and these trends can make or break a restaurant business. The research topic focuses on recent advancements in the provision of food and beverage practices and the significance of the physical environment for any restaurateur.

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