Emergence of Online Reputation Management as a New Business Tactic in Corporate World: An Analytical Perspective

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Ajay Kumar


The introduction of the internet has ushered in a new era in business, when a company's reputation is now reliant not only on word of mouth but also on online reviews and comments. Online reputation management (ORM) as a result has grown in importance to a company's entire strategy. ORM entails tracking, evaluating, and changing internet information about a business, brand, or person. Because it enables companies to manage the narrative surrounding of brand and reduce unfavorable reviews or comments, ORM has recently gained popularity among corporations. Businesses are now spending money on ORM to enhance company’s internet visibility and safeguard brand reputation from harm. To develop a solid internet presence, ORM actively promotes positive material in addition to reducing negative content. Through ORM, businesses can interact with customers, forge enduring bonds, and raise company’s online credibility. In general, the introduction of ORM as a fresh business strategy has fueled a need for specialized companies that provide ORM services to companies. These businesses support businesses in managing their internet reputations and making sure that their online presence is in keeping with their brand image. ORM is probably going to become a more crucial component of a company's overall strategy as the significance of online reputation continues to rise.

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