An Empirical Study on M-Commerce as the Next Generation Shift of E-Commerce Industry

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Rupa Khanna Malhotra


The next generation shift in the e-commerce sector is called m-commerce, commonly referred to as mobile commerce. It alludes to the exchange of goods and services over mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. With the extensive use of mobile devices, M-commerce has grown in popularity as a way for customers to shop online, and it is anticipated that this trend will continue in the years to come. Both businesses and consumers can gain greatly from m-commerce. Businesses may now target clients with specialized promotions and offer because of this new avenue that has reached out to customers. Businesses can also streamline the processes and increase efficiency, which lowers costs and boosts profitability. M-commerce gives customers the flexibility of shopping whenever people want, from anywhere. M-commerce has evolved into a safer and more effective method of making purchases with the development of mobile payments and digital wallets. M-commerce is anticipated to have a huge impact on the entire e-commerce business as it continues to expand. Businesses that don't use mobile technology run the risk of being left behind by rivals as more and more customers turn to M-commerce for the shopping needs. However, businesses that adopt M-commerce are likely to experience higher revenue and a stronger position in the market.

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