Job Satisfaction among BPO Employees: A Comparative Study of Males and Females

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Divya Punj


This study investigates the job satisfaction levels of female and male employees working in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. The purpose of the study is to identify any differences in job satisfaction between male and female employees and explore the elements that lead to these differences. Job satisfaction is an essential factor in the retention and motivation of employees in any industry. Several studies have investigated the factors that contribute to JS among employees in different industries. However, few studies have explored JS among BPO employees, particularly the differences between female and male employees. Possible outcomes of the research can aid BPO companies yearn for advances in the work culture, job characteristics, and work-life balance policies to increase employee job satisfaction levels. Furthermore, the area itself highlights the need for gender-specific interventions to address the different needs and preferences of male and female employees in the BPO industry. The study had considered sample of 206 respondents (employees of BPO) to compare the level of job satisfaction among male and female employees of BPO and concludes that there is a significant difference in job satisfaction level among male and female employees of BPO.

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