Role of Effective Exit Strategy in Effective HRM in IT Companies: A Quantitative Investigation

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Mayank Nautiyal


An effective exit strategy is a crucial component of effective human resource management (HRM) in IT companies. This paper explores the role of an effective ES in HRM by analysing the key benefits that it can provide to both employees and employers. A well-designed ES can help retain top talent, reduce turnover costs, and maintain organizational productivity. It can also enhance the employer brand, promote positive employee relations, and ensure compliance with legal and ethical obligations. This paper highlights some best practices for developing and implementing an effective ES, such as conducting exit interviews, providing adequate notice, and offering post-employment support. Overall, this paper argues that an effective ES is an essential tool for HR managers in IT companies to maximize the value of their human capital and achieve long-term organizational success. The researcher had conducted the study survey with the help of a structured questionnaire on 223 respondents working in IT companies to know different role and impact of effective exit strategy in effective HRM in IT companies and concludes that there is significant impact of effective exit strategy in effective HRM in IT companies

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