Contribution of Social Entrepreneurship in Creating Value for Society And Business: A Cross-Sectional Studies of Experts Opinion

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Pankaj Agarwal


A key driver for financial and advancements in technology, the generation of fresh employment opportunities and changes in society is entrepreneurship by both startup and existing businesses. The method of economic invention known as social entrepreneurship is founded on the creation of value, is flexible enough to occur in a variety of societal settings, and follows its own set of principles and reasoning. It appears to be a strategy that can help business and deal with some of the biggest problems facing modern society. The capacity of social entrepreneurship to mix components of the commercial and voluntary spheres has proven the most controversial and startling aspect, but this blend could also represent the biggest barrier to the area's categorization. Both academics and practitioners need to outline the crucial issues and fundamental characteristics of social entrepreneurship, which has origins in both business and government policy. We offer an assortment of prospective topics for study since we think it is possible for scholars to examine this developing trend beyond boundaries of disciplines.

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